« Demain & Citoyen » : La Banque Postale launches the third edition of its call for social and environmental projects

La Banque Postale and its subsidiary KissKissBankBank, in collaboration with their partners Open CNP, ADIE and the Agence Française de Développement, has launched the third edition of “Demain & Citoyen”.

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“Demain et Citoyen” is an online call for projects which has supported and accompanied social and environmental projects since 2020. Through its multi-partner approach and open to a wide range of project developers (divided into five main categories: companies, non-profit organisations, micro-enterprises, international solidarity, youth solidarity), “Demain et Citoyen” promotes the importance of impact and community to the general public. Applications are open from 4 April to 27 May 2022.

Five impact projects, which demonstrate their commitment to a society which is more cohesive, inclusive and respectful of the planet, will be awarded prize money and receive customised mentoring.

The competition is open to companies, micro-enterprises, non-profit organisations and young candidates who are actively mobilised in France and abroad. It aims to identify and encourage the development of initiatives which contribute positively to the achievement of one or more of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These commitments are varied, ranging from health, the fight against inequalities or climate change, the protection of biodiversity, access to education or access to nutritious food for all, and strive for a fairer and more sustainable society. Each partner contributes its expertise in support of a category of project developers.

Winning projects will be awarded, according to their category:

  • A financial contribution of up to €5,000 to their crowdfunding campaign on the KissKissBankBank platform;
  • Personalised coaching by La Banque Postale;
  • Investment coaching by the teams at Open CNP;
  • Dedicated mentoring by ADIE’s mentoring network;
  • Mentoring by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

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