The Supervisory Board members

Members with executive positions within the Le Groupe La Poste:

  • Philippe Wahl, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of La Banque Postale, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Le Groupe La Poste;
  • La Poste S.A., represented by Betty Marcerou, Director of Strategy, Cross-functional Partnerships and Innovation at Le Groupe La Poste ;
  • Yves Brassart, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of La Banque Postale, advisor to the chairman and CEO of Groupe La Poste ;
  • Yann Coupris, director of financial control of the La Poste Group.

Members with executive positions within the the Caisse des Dépôts group:

  • Antoine Saintoyant, Director of strategic investments for the Caisse des Dépôts group.

Independent members:

  • Anik Chaumartin, Chairman of the Accounts Committee, corporate director
  • Michel Madelain, Chairman of the Strategy and CSR Committe, former president and vice chairman of Moody's Investors Service Corp. ;
  • Emmanuel Rondeau, Member of the lead board, chairman of the risk committee, consultant ;
  • Nefissa Sator, Chairman of the Compensation Committee and of the Appointments and Governance Committee, Head of the pricing department for life reinsurance operations at SCOR Group.

Members representing employees:

  • Sandrine Fagot-Revurat, Banking controller in the Auvergne region sponsored by CFDT ;
  • Thierry Freslon, Chairman of AVEA, a non-profit association of the Le Groupe La Poste, sponsored by the CFDT union;
  • Babacar Kobar, Diversification Portfolio Manager at Corporate and Investment Banking, sponsored by the CGT ;
  • Steeve Maigne, Quality RBR Manager, Greater Paris region, sponsored by the SNB/CFE-CGC union;
  • Franck Sorin, Regional Director of Permanent Control, sponsored by SNB/CFE-CGC union.

Member representing the State:

  • May Gicquel, Director of Investments at the State Investments Agency, at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty.

Non-voting members:

  • Philippe Bajou, Non-voting member on the Supervisory Board of La Banque Postale, Executive Vice-President and General Secretary of La Poste Groupe
  • Nicolas Routier, Non-voting member on the Supervisory Board of La Banque Postale and Executive Vice-President in charge of public service and regulation of La Poste Groupe

Government commissioner:

  • Alain Pithon