Key financial figures

  • A NBI of €7.7 billion with 64.5% for banking activities and 33.4% for insurance
  • Net income, Group share of 738 million euros (restated for first consolidation entries of CNP Assurances) 
  • 11th bank in the euro area, with a balance sheet total of €737 billion
  • Total prudential capital of €21 billion, CET1 ratio of 20.4% and solvency ratio of 25.4%.

Key figures retail banking and insurance

  • 20 million customers, including 1.5 million customers benefiting from the accessible banking mission and 1.6 million financially fragile customers
  • 280,000 Ma French Bank customers, the 100% mobile bank of La Banque Postale
  • €10 billion in outstanding of BPE, La Banque Postale’s private bank
  • Nearly 340,000 corporate clients and local public actors, 1st local public sector funder
  • 2nd largest life insurance company in France
  • Responsible Asset Management Leader with 100% of eligible funds at LBP AM labeled SRI
  • 1st World Bank according to Vigeo Eiris agency