Corporate and investment activities serving companies, local authorities and La Banque Postale institutions include:

  • commercial activities in financing legal persons
  • corporate and investment banking (CIB) activities: 
    • structured financing transactions: private debt, syndicated loans in acquisition, asset and project finance;
    • financial engineering investment transactions: Debt Capital Market, origination, arrangement, loan syndication, securitisation;
    • financial market, financial instrument management and risk hedging activities (interest rates and foreign exchange).

Legal persons: ‘major customers’

Major companies and SMEs/ISEs

La Banque Postale is continuing to develop the corporate financing market with a strong presence in major companies, which account for 50% of CAC 40 companies and 53% of the SBF 120. Using the expertise it has accumulated over the years, La Banque Postale is also setting out to win over SMEs/ISEs by aiming to increase outstanding loans by 25% in 2020.

The local public sector and institutions 

In line with its diversification strategy, La Banque Postale is continuing to grow its financing of the local public sector.

La Banque Postale is the leading lender to local communities and public hospitals. La Banque Postale directly finances seven social housing landlords out of ten: these landlords manage 90% of all social housing (4.6 million units). La Banque Postale offers a number of products ranging from cash flow management to financing solutions.

La Banque Postale is a legitimate social economy partner with one out of every four non-profit associations as a partner. Its specialised advisors in business centres provide support to 5,000 of the main non-profit associations (foundations, cultural sector, private education, solidarity and social non-profit associations) while smaller non-profit associations have access to services in the post offices and over the telephone.

Finally, La Banque Postale also works with local authorities to support social care, via its subsidiary Domiserve, working in three areas: financing (issue of prepaid CESUs, a way of paying for personal services), managing rescue plans and arranging personal services. Domiserve manages the APA (personal autonomy allocation) and PCH (disability compensation) systems in 17 departments and cities. 

Professional entrepreneurs 

As a neighbourhood bank, La Banque Postale has based its reputation on the quality of its service. On a daily basis, 450 professional customer managers welcome 100,000 craftspeople, merchants, self-employed professionals and franchisees in 7,600 post offices.

Financial institutions 

La Banque Postale’s French and European financial institutions include pension and mutual funds as well as asset managers, banks, insurers, private equity funds, debt funds and infrastructure funds.