As a universal and local bank, La Banque Postale supports 20 million customers, mainly natural persons, from the most vulnerable to those with assets, with a unique network of local branches (17,000 points of contact, including 7,600 post offices, community branches and relay shops) and a full range of products and services accessible to all, in the areas of deposits and means of payment, savings, loans (home and consumer) and insurance.

As part of its La Banque Postale 2030 strategic plan, La Banque Postale will consolidate its positions through ambitious acquisitions and the development of offerings around its three distinct brands: La Banque Postale, everyday banking, Ma French Bank, 100% mobile banking, and Louvre Banque Privée, private banking. La Banque Postale is committed to becoming the bank of choice of French people, positioning itself among the leaders in customer experience by 2023.

Support for financially vulnerable customers 

La Banque Postale acts on a daily basis to support 1.4 million customers in financial difficulties, identified as vulnerable at the end of 2020 by the Observatory for Banking Inclusion.

The banking accessibility function 

La Banque Postale is the only bank to which a public banking accessibility function has been entrusted through the Livret A. This banking accessibility function guarantees universal and non-discriminatory access to free, simple and essential banking services for people excluded from traditional banking and who have specific needs. La Banque Postale estimates the number of beneficiaries of the banking accessibility functions at 1.5 million.

Ma French Bank

Launched in July 2019, Ma French Bank is the 100% mobile bank, a subsidiary of La Banque Postale. It offers a range of banking services, accessible to all and with no hidden charges. It is aimed at a connected population seeking autonomy and useful services on a daily basis, such as real-time account management, simplified payments and transfers, and community services. Ma French Bank makes it possible to open an account in just a few minutes online at, or in 3,000 post offices throughout the country.

At the end of December 2020, Ma French Bank had more than 280,000 customers and has a target of 1.3 million customers by 2025.

Louvre Banque Privée

Acquired in 2013, Louvre Banque Privée, formerly called BPE, is the private banking subsidiary of La Banque Postale. It offers a global range of solutions tailored to wealth management customers including families, business leaders, managers and family offices. Unique in its private banking model rooted in the regions, Louvre Banque Priviée is present in 70 cities. It has 28 private management centres and 50 Louvre Banque Privée spaces within post offices.

Louvre Banque Privée offers its customers different areas of expertise:

- wealth planning;

- wealth management;

- discretionary management, 95% of which is in SRI management;

- wealth financing solutions;

- direct real estate investment with its subsidiary La Banque Postale Immobilier Conseil.

Louvre Banque Privée aims to double its €10 billion in assets under management and strengthen its territorial network by doubling the number of Louvre Banque Privée spaces by 2025.