La Banque Postale contributes to the momentum of the social and solidarity economy with its crowdfunding subsidiary KissKissBankBank & Co. With four platforms, KissKissBankBank & Co is now the leading crowdfunding player in France.

  • In 2017, La Banque Postale acquired KissKissBankBank & Co by purchasing 100% of its shares, consisting of the KissKissBankBank and Lendopolis platforms. KissKissBankBank, a platform for donations and pre-orders, is dedicated to entrepreneurial, non-profit and creative projects. Since 2009, more than 23,000 projects have been funded with a community of 2.1 million citizens.
  • Lendopolis, a renewable energy and real estate platform, continued its development in 2020 in the renewable energy sector. It raised nearly €30 million to finance energy transition projects in France and the overseas territories. It has become one of the leaders in the crowdlending market for renewable energies. 
  • In 2020, Goodeed, a free donations platform that enables internet users to financially support solidarity-based projects by viewing advertising, collected nearly €2 million for projects from 200 associations and partner NGOs. To date, it has nearly 367,000 members.
  • In July 2020, microDON, a well-known social utility company responsible for the ‘ARRONDI Solidaire’ and time donation, joined KissKissBankBank & Co. Since 2009, it has donated €28 million to more than 1,300 general-interest associations. 

KissKissBankBank & Co remains true to its three core values: citizenship, optimism and independence. Every day, their teams support dozens of creators, entrepreneurs and associations in the success of their campaigns and projects. In 2020, the four platforms collected more than €54 million for citizen projects, up 10% on 2019.