2024 Mission report

A mission-driven company, an obvious choice for La Banque Postale

Created in 2006, La Banque Postale is the heir to La Poste’s financial services. Since then, La Banque Postale has established itself as France’s 6th largest bank, with almost 10 million active customers. Backed by its postal network, La Banque Postale is present throughout France, and continues to expand, particularly since its merger with CNP Assurances. La Banque Postale is now part of a major public financial group serving the public interest.

Thanks to the public service mission* of accessible banking entrusted to it by the French government in 2009, La Banque Postale enables 1.4 million customers excluded from the banking system to access essential banking services free of charge and without any means test.

With its strategic plan “La Banque Postale 2030”, La Banque Postale has made the just transition the mainspring of its ambition. In June 2021, it revealed its raison d’être following a co-construction process with its employees. In February 2022, it will become a company with a mission, like its parent company, La Poste.

  • 18 members

  • 12 independent experts

  • 6 committee meetings

  • 5 working groups

The Mission Committee recognizes that La Banque Postale meets each of its social and environmental objectives, in line with its “raison d’être” and strategic plan.

Natacha Valla — Economist and Dean of the School of Management and Impact at Science Po Paris, Chair of La Banque Postale’s Mission Committee