CSR Governance

A new CSR governance in 2021

CSR perspectives

With fifteen years of existence, La Banque Postale is launching its 2030 strategic plan to become the preferred bank of the French people and reaffirms its civic ambition. The bank is committed to serving a just transition responding to environmental, societal, territorial and digital challenges.

The citizen engagement platform sets priorities

La Banque Postale is targeting zero net emissions by 2040 for all activities. It wants to democratize impact finance and develop its actions in favor of vulnerable clients. It will pay the greatest attention to its employees with a target of 300,000 training days per year.

The Citizen Engagement Department puts the just transition into action

Reporting to the Chairman of the Management Board, she supports the businesses in implementing the just transition. Its missions are clear:

  • Build an innovative and differentiating offer
  • Set the best standards in terms of social responsibility
  • Enable employees to be actors of the just transition on a daily basis

11 years of continuous engagement