Our commitments to our employees

True to its civic values, La Banque Postale places its employees at the heart of its transformation strategy. Its employees are fully involved in the success of its new 2030 strategic plan. As a responsible employer, the commitment of La Banque Postale to its employees is based on four pillars: supporting mobility, training, ensuring equal opportunities and promoting quality of life in the workplace. 

Exemplary mobilisation during the health crisis 

La Banque Postale was able to count on the involvement of the 30,400 employees working directly or indirectly to maintain the quality of service and relationships with customers during the health crisis. To continue its activities, La Banque Postale adapted its organisation throughout 2020, with 25,000 employees working remotely. 

The employee experience as the cornerstone of our strategic plan

La Banque Postale launched its 2030 strategic plan with the goal of becoming the bank of choice of French people. This plan is based on three priorities, including having its employees at the heart of the strategic plan. With this in mind, it is redirecting its management model to serve customer satisfaction thanks to the increased accountability of the teams. It encourages what are known as agile working methods, ‘test and learn’ and short decision-making channels.

In addition, a number of commitments to improve the quality of life at work will strengthen employer appeal, with the aim of achieving an employer NPS* of +20 by 2025: more flexibility in the organisation of work, personalised mobility, assertion of responsible employer policies in terms of diversity, gender equality and integration.

Lastly, employees will be closely involved in implementation of the civic action platform, notably through an internal consultation process. 

(*NPS: Net Promoter Score: recommendation of La Banque Postale as an employer by employees)

Mobility and preferred career paths

La Banque Postale places great importance on helping all employees achieve their professional goals throughout their career by encouraging the development of their skills. It encourages them to discover new business lines within La Banque Postale Group. In 2020, despite the health crisis, La Banque Postale continued to implement its internal mobility and recruitment plan. 3,752 positions were filled (creation or replacement), including 2,126 dedicated to customer reception. 

Enhanced training to support strategic developments

La Banque Postale supports the transformation of its business lines with ongoing training. Over 116,000 training days were provided by the École de la Banque et du Réseau in 2020. With its 2030 strategic plan, La Banque Postale aims to raise them to 300,000 days a year.

La Banque Postale’s training policy is structured around four areas:

  • Improving customer relations: raising awareness of new methods and postures, particularly remotely, to guarantee greater commercial efficiency in serving customers;
  • Developing activities: developing skills in high-priority markets;
  • Digitising practices: supporting employees in the use of digital tools and digital offerings;
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance: encouraging the professionalisation of business lines, by ensuring the control of banking risks.

Concrete commitments to diversity and inclusion

Professional equality and diversity are at the heart of La Banque Postale’s Human Resources policy. In October 2020, La Banque Postale signed a new three-year employment agreement on diversity and professional equality. It promotes intergenerational collaboration and strengthens professional equality between women and men.

In addition, since 2013, La Banque Postale has been a signatory of ‘La Charte de la Diversité’ in order to engage against discrimination in the field of employment.

  •  Priority on the integration of young people and the transmission of intergenerational knowledge

La Banque Postale undertakes to promote young people’s access to employment and the retention of senior employees. To support the transmission of intergenerational knowledge, specific measures such as sponsorship, mentoring or reverse mentoring are proposed. 

In addition, La Banque Postale has developed close relationships with the student environment in order to raise awareness of its business lines and functions, improve its attractiveness and promote students’ access to the world of work. It thus has 21 partner schools, including business schools, engineering schools and universities throughout France. With the health crisis, La Banque Postale has strengthened its virtual meetings with students from different schools in order to continue to promote the integration of students.

In 2020, La Banque Postale hosted 2,750 work-study participants and trainees for levels of studies ranging from Bac+2 to Bac+5 and for a period of one or two years.

  • Promoting equality in the workplace

La Banque Postale promotes the growth of women in the company, with a desire to achieve parity at all levels of the company. In 2020, women at La Banque Postale represented 51.7% (fixed-term contracts and permanent contracts) (sources: RSC 2020) of the workforce. In 2021, La Banque Postale’s gender equality index was 97/100, placing La Banque Postale among the best French companies. 

Indicator Points obtained
Gender pay gap 37/40
Differences in individual increases between women and men 20/20
Differences in promotions for women and men 15/15
Percentage of employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave 15/15
Number of employees of the underrepresented gender in the top 10 highest paid 10/10
Total 97/100
  • Raising awareness and supporting employees with disabilities

In June 2020, La Banque Postale strengthened its commitments to the employment of persons with disabilities under a new social agreement on the employment of persons with disabilities. Since 2019, it has also been a signatory of the Manifesto for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in economic life.

In 2008, La Banque Postale also implemented a Diversity Handicap mission, which since February 2020 has reported to the Talent Department within the Diversity and Inclusion division, whose role is to raise employee awareness of disability and to ensure, in conjunction with the occupational physician, maintenance in employment and recruitment of people with disabilities. The Diversity and Inclusion division offers awareness-raising actions throughout the year aimed at removing obstacles and stereotypes linked to disability or its representations. The ‘DUO DAY’ and the ‘European Employment Week for Persons with Disabilities’ are, each year, highlights of communication and action. 

Attention paid to quality of life at work 

La Banque Postale pays particular attention to the well-being and quality of life at work of its employees. To ensure their health and safety, it has been committed to implementing an ambitious occupational risk prevention policy for a number of years thanks to an annual plan for prevention and health and safety at work.

In 2020, in the midst of the health crisis, it strengthened the professionalisation of its medical/social and prevention functions, while rolling out an appropriate prevention plan to preserve the health of its employees. La Banque Postale also changed its working organisations, offered its employees remote work for eligible positions and massively deployed communication tools. Support measures for managers have also been strengthened.

Lastly, in 2021, La Banque Postale will roll out a new action plan on psychosocial risks.