The Executive Board

The Executive Board defines La Banque Postale's strategy and operational guidelines. It guarantees the coherence and convergence of energies, and ensures management in compliance with legal and regulatory provisions. It regularly informs the Supervisory Board of the bank's results, its development projects and the evolution of its strategy.

The Executive Board is made up of the following members:

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the Bank's steering body. It is made up of members of the management board and members responsible for business lines, central and control functions.

The Executive Committee is made up of the following members :

  • Associate member of the executive committee of La Banque Postale: Nathalie Collin, Chief Executive Officer of the Consumer & Digital Division, Le Groupe La Poste.

The Development Committee

The members of the Development Committee monitor large structuring projects and address the responsible development policy. Chaired by Philippe Heim, it is made up of members of the Executive Committee, plus:

 The development committee is made up of the following members:

The development committee also includes the 6 executive directors of the Network:

  • Céline Barre, Executive Director North East
  • Catherine Garnier-Amouroux, Executive Director Overseas
  • Patrick Noulette, Executive director Île-de-France
  • François Pain, Executive director great southwest
  • Sandrine Pierrot, Executive Director South East
  • Stéphane Zakarian, Executive Director West

The Supervisory Board members

Members with executive positions within the Le Groupe La Poste:

  • Philippe Wahl, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of La Banque Postale, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Le Groupe La Poste;
  • La Poste S.A., represented by Nicolas Routier, Deputy Director General, in charge of the public service and regulation ;
  • Yves Brassart, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of La Banque Postale, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Le Groupe La Poste, responsible for finance and development;
  • Sophie Renaudie, Head of Financial Control of La Poste Group ;

Members with executive positions within the the Caisse des Dépôts group:

  • Antoine Saintoyant, Director of strategic investments for the Caisse des Dépôts group.

Independent members:

  • Anik Chaumartin, corporate director
  • Michel Madelain, Former Vice President of a Rating Agency ;
  • Emmanuel Rondeau, Consultant ;
  • Nefissa Sator, Head of the pricing department for life reinsurance operations at SCOR Group.

Members representing employees:

  • Sandrine Fagot-Revurat, Banking controller in the Auvergne region sponsored by CFDT ;
  • Thierry Freslon, Chairman of AVEA, a non-profit association of the Le Groupe La Poste, sponsored by the CFDT union;
  • Jean-Pierre Hakizimana, project manager in the marketing department of the retail bank, sponsored by the CGT ;
  • Steeve Maigne, Quality RBR Manager, Greater Paris region, sponsored by the SNB/CFE-CGC union;
  • Thierry Viarouge, Head of interbank relations in the Payments Department, sponsored by FO.

    Member representing the State:
  • Stéphanie Pétard, Assistant to the Director of the Audit and Accounting Department of the State Investments Agency, at the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery.