La Banque Postale and CNP Assurances launch their first Infrastructure fund to accompany customers in the diversification of their savings

La Banque Postale and CNP Assurances have announced the introduction of their first Infrastructure fund, “LBPAM infrastructure Septembre 2030”. This fund has been developed in partnership with LBP Asset Management, La Banque Postale’s asset management subsidiary, and is available to their customers with life insurance policies. The fund will enable customers to diversify their assets and provide a new direction for their savings.

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Infrastructure, which includes roads, rail, electricity production, schools and hospitals, is both meaningful to society and essential to the country’s economic life and its smooth functioning. It has substantial funding requirements but, above all, offers a steady and sustainable long-term return.

Until recently reserved for institutional investors and private managers, La Banque Postale has decided to make this new fund available to all of its customers.

The decision to launch an Infrastructure fund is in line with our efforts and our commitment as a mission-led, community bank. La Banque Postale is a long-standing partner to the public sector and supports infrastructure deployment and renovation projects at the heart of the regions on a daily basis. By allowing our customers to invest and diversify their savings through this fund, we also provide them with the opportunity to give meaning to their investment by supporting tangible projects which contribute to the ecological transition and to improving citizens’ quality of life.

Mimouna Boutchich — Head of Financial Savings at La Banque Postale

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