As the 11th largest bank in the euro zone,* La Banque Postale has for a number of years been pursuing a policy of diversifying its activities beyond its traditional business of retail banking open to all. As part of the 2030 strategic plan, this diversification will be accelerated, with the aim of expanding its activities internationally.

La Banque Postale will continue to address private individual customers through its three complementary banking services brands: La Banque Postale, Ma French Bank and BPE for private banking. The Group will continue to expand its responsible consumer credit division as well as the asset management division through La Banque Postale Asset Management, a pioneer in sustainable finance. 

As the leading bank lender and recognised partner of local authorities, La Banque Postale will expand its corporate banking business, particularly by supporting SMEs/ISEs in their development plans in France and Europe.

Insurance accounted for a third of La Banque Postale Group’s revenues in 2020. As a pillar of our bancassurance model, CNP Assurances will be the single insurance vehicle for the Group in life and non-life insurance, with a view to achieving synergies between the various business lines.

*By total assets, 2020.