La Banque Postale, a subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste, takes part in the "Grande Cause Solutions Jeunes"

Following an initial consultation in 2018 that resulted in the submission of 1,663 tangible proposals to offer opportunities to all young people, the initiative launched by and Mirova Forward is back this year for a new edition, in partnership with Le Groupe La Poste.

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Millions of young people are faced with challenges each day and question their place in society. This situation has intensified during the Covid-19 public health crisis that has disrupted their lives and further widened inequalities. This underlines the need to act urgently so that each young person can find his or her place in society. To tackle this collective challenge, more than 50 civil society stakeholders (including companies, charities, institutions, start-ups, universities and the media), of which Le Groupe La Poste, has launched the Solutions for Youth Great Cause. This initiative has kicked off with an extensive consultation, between 22 March and 22 May, of tens of thousands of citizens, in which they are asked to share their personal priorities to empower the younger generation.

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