Corporate social responsibility


Encouraging a variety of routes to professional excellence with L'Envol

Since 2012, La Banque Postale has committed itself to a new social sponsorship approach: L’Envol, La Banque Postale’s campus. The purpose of this non-profit association, supported by the French Department of Education, is to promote the academic achievement of approximately 60 talented young students each year, guiding them in their choices and providing them with the educational support and materials needed for them to succeed in their studies. Coming from modest backgrounds, these young people are spotted in their early teens and given personalised support from secondary school to selective higher education by a sponsor who is an employee of La Banque Postale or Le Groupe La Poste for the entire duration of the programme (six to eight years). Present throughout France, including in French overseas departments, half in rural areas and the other half in urban areas, this equal opportunities programme is consistent with the Group’s values of local presence and regional development. To implement this project, L’Envol is backed by Frateli, a benchmark partner with regard to equal opportunity.

As proof of recognition, L’Envol has won numerous prizes since its launching: the Trophee France Mecenova in 2013, the Cachet d’Europe in 2013, and the Trophee National de l’Entreprise Citoyenne in 2014.

L’Envol accompanies students in six fields

L’Envol accompanies students in six fields: their relationship with themselves, with others, with the world, with the future, with their studies, and with commitment. The students thus become aware of all the aspects in which they can progress and in which L’Envol can assist them.

L’Envol wishes to accompany talents in their diversity. That is why in 2016 we created the “vocational path programme”, intended for students in vocational secondary schools, in the catering, art and metal-industry sector, which supports 45 talented students a year. This new programme was developed in partnership with Reussir Moi Aussi (“I Want to Succeed, Too”).

The current “general and technological path” programme is continuing its development, welcoming a 5th class. L’Envol will in the end count close to 800 students.

Employees’ commitment is on a voluntary basis taken out of their personal time (evening, week-end or leave time). Their commitment is on a long-term basis (individual sponsorship for at least three years) and some participate actively, during major events to design activities and preparatory work meetings, and as moderators during events. There are over 380 employees of La Banque and of Le Groupe La Poste involved.

« L’Envol, La Banque Postale’s campus » celebrates its 5th year anniversary.

The association L’Envol, La Banque Postale’s campus celebrated its 5th year of existence with the Forum « 5 years of citizenship in favor of Education », organized on July 11th 2017. For this occasion, Rémy Weber, CEO of La Banque Postale Group, announced the platform’s opening to external donations. The Forum consisted of panel discussions concerning the vocational path, the influence of equal opportunities programs on public authorities and the civic-minded commitment of La Banque Postale’s partners. 

5 years in key figures

  • 374 pupils
  • 526 sponsors
  • 332 hours of e-learning
  • 1,355 hours of mentoring
  • 7,648 hours of volunteering for sponsors