Accelerating the transformation of La Banque Postale and its development

To create La Banque Postale of tomorrow by 2020, the company has set in motion an ambitious transformation plan, which aims to improve the quality of services provided to customers and accelerate its development. It is consolidating and developing the business units that underpin its diversification strategy. 
La Banque Postale is unique in terms of its history and also in its values and capacity for development and transformation to keep serving its customers better. With its new 2014-2020 development plan, which is fully in line with the "La Poste 2020: Conquering the Future" Strategic Plan, La Banque Postale has taken steps to transform itself, accelerate its development and increase the efficiency of its operations.

A priority banking network

The implementation of a single Commercial Management unit in April 2014, the creation of a single Human Resources Department and subsequently of the École de la Banque et du Réseau, were prerequisites for the priority banking business of the La Poste Network. The aim is to delegate banking risk control to Network employees and to give them decision-making powers, in order to give customers the responsiveness and service quality that they expect, and to do so as quickly as possible.

The best of digital

New technologies are changing the lifestyles and behaviours of French people. Close to its customers and useful, La Banque Postale anticipates its customers' changing needs and is implementing some ambitious digital projects. On one hand, these projects concern databases and the latest generation IT infrastructure. On the other hand, they aim to improve customer relations and offer new, simple and secure payment tools.
Two main components shape La Banque Postale's strategy with regard to new payment means: using technology as a lever to simplify and increase the security of remote payments, and facilitating customer use, whichever payment service is used. Building on the adoption of Paylib by 130,000 of its customers, in 2015 La Banque Postale launched the "My payments" electronic portfolio, which centralises all La Banque Postale's digital payment services. It is pursuing its partnership with the Talk to Pay start-up to launch the first voice biometric authentication solution in 2016.

Close to its customers, innovative and dynamic, La Banque Postale is extending the incorporation of social media in its multi-channel business dynamic. In that respect, it is the first French bank to create Facebook pages for its Advisors.

Building the professionals' bank

Becoming the chosen bank of professionals is one of four major projects set out in the "La Poste 2020: conquering the future” Strategic Plan. By the end of 2015, 100 Professional Customer Managers were already giving advice to professional customers and were marketing an extended range of property leasing, short-term credit and factoring products and an adapted e-money product. There will be 1,000 Professional Customer Managers in the Post Office network by 2020.

Strenghtening the wealth management unit

La Banque Postale now assists more than 587,000 high-net-worth customers (+3.3%). To retain their loyalty and further develop this customer base, a new wealth management group was set up, on 30 November 2015, with the merger of La Banque Postale Gestion Privée, a specialist discretionary portfolio management company, and BPE, the Group's asset management bank. 

Developing Asset Management

La Banque Postale has extended its expertise in the asset management field, thanks to its equity and industrial partnership concluded with Aegon Asset Management in June and the merger with Féderis, a subsidiary of Malakoff Médéric, which integrated La Banque Postale Asset Management in July. The new group formed in this way, the fifth largest player in the market with more than € 175 billion of assets under management, will accelerate La Banque Postale's development, particularly through the creation of a comprehensive product range, including international funds and multi-asset funds.
The expansion of the real estate asset management offering (OPCI and SCPI) completes the range, by offering customers of La Banque Postale investment opportunities in a low interest rate environment. This development led to the consolidation of La Banque Postale's position in Ciloger, a key player in unlisted real estate businesses. 

Consolidating insurance

By entering into a partnership with Malakoff Médéric and La Mutuelle Générale in March 2015, La Banque Postale took a position in the group health insurance market which will be strengthened in 2016.
La Banque Postale, La Mutuelle Générale, Malakoff Médéric and Mutuelle UMC, which share a strong societal commitment to enable better access to healthcare, have joined forces to create Oui santé, a product selected by the Ministry of Health as part of its call for tenders to address the needs of ACS (Aide à la complémentaire santé) beneficiaries.
In the field of life insurance and personal risk insurance, La Banque Postale and CNP Assurances have signed a major preliminary agreement for the renewal of their partnership over a ten-year term starting from 2016.


Responsible development

Since its creation, La Banque Postale has promoted an efficient and responsible development model. In 2015, for the seventh consecutive year, it is seen, according to the IFOP (Institut français d’opinion publique) Sustainable Development Observatory, as the leading bank in terms of commitment to sustainable development - particularly with regard to environmental protection and social progress. Among its recent innovations, a carbon fund finances projects to reduce CO2 emissions, such as the "Climate and Land" forestry project in 2015. Its actions are also entirely in line with the energy transition dynamic in France, offering private customers a "green" product range since 1 October 2015. In addition, having received the go-ahead from CNIL at end 2015, La Banque Postale has been able to undertake nationwide deployment of the L'Appui scheme, a telephone platform offering banking and budgetary advice and guidance which has helped around 16,200 customers since its launch in 2013.