A subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste, La Banque Postale is a unique and singular bank driven by the Post Office values of local presence and the highest level of service.


The bank for all

La Banque Postale has always welcomed one and all with respect and consideration, regardless of their situation. We have 10.8 million active private customers. We are partner to more than 400,000 customers: businesses, professionals, social economy actors and local public sector bodies, regardless of their size.

The useful bank

La Banque Postale offers all its customers a full range of banking and insurance products and services that are easy to use, transparent, responsible and tailored to our customers’ basic needs, all competitively priced.

The regional development bank

La Banque Postale supports projects undertaken by local stakeholders through its financing products and services, thus contributing to local economic life.

The bank built on trust

La Banque Postale prioritises its customers’ interests above all. We have built a relationship of trust with our customers, based on appropriate advice delivered on a daily basis by our employees who are fully committed to meeting customer needs.

The local multichannel bank

La Banque Postale enables its customers to choose the channel which suits them best, in any place and at any time: Post Offices throughout France; telephone; Internet and mobile Internet; and La Banque Postale Chez Soi, a fully remote banking branch.