A subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste, La Banque Postale is a unique and singular bank driven by the Post Office values of local presence and the highest level of service.


Moving forward with our customers

For ten years, La Banque Postale has been helping its millions of customers: individuals, businesses, social economy actors and local public sector bodies. Every day it builds on the bonds of trust and proximity by offering them simplicity and security. La Banque Postale continues to develop a range of products and services that are accessible, useful, transparent and competitively priced, for them. 

Companies and regions

A trustworthy local banking partner, La Banque Postale is true to its commitments: it supports its customers by providing a range comprising simple, accessible, useful and responsible products. It is everyone's bank, for the local public sector and for businesses, always with a responsible approach, to prevent situations of excessive debt. La Banque Postale finances local authorities of all sizes, from rural municipalities to large urban centres. A fair price and transparency guide its relations with public and private economic stakeholders.
For its business customers, it is just as applicable to micro-enterprises and professionals as to major corporations.
It sets out to be the benchmark regional development bank, by aiming its offering to social housing associations, local authorities and local public companies, hospitals, companies, professionals, non-profit associations and mutual insurance companies.
It is the local services bank, thanks to the La Poste network and its post offices throughout the territory.

Support for local development
In 2012, La Banque Postale undertook to become a benchmark partner for the local public sector by working with all the regional stakeholders. Three years later, it has fulfilled its commitments and is recognised as the reference bank with regard to financing and banking services for local authorities, for the stakeholders in social housing, local institutions, public health-care establishments and semi-public corporations.

Accompanying businesses and professionals
An historical player in the provision of cash flow services and cash management, La Banque Postale bases its customer relationship on its values of local availability, accessibility and trust. By now meeting the essential requirements of business customers with simple and appropriate offers, La Banque Postale enables these customers to manage their businesses with equanimity.

Supporting the social economy
Non-profit associations, mutual insurance companies and social protection agencies form a fabric that supports social ties. The dynamism of their actions is part of the attraction of the regions, while also creating businesses and jobs. Close to all these social economy actors, La Banque Postale offers them dedicated solutions to help them fully fulfil their missions. A historical partner of the world of non-profit associations in particular, it bases its natural and enduring relationship on a strong set of values, built with 300,000 non-profit associations.