A civic-minded bank

Customers have always been at the centre of everything that La Banque Postale undertakes: putting the customer first. They are at the heart of its development plan which pursues and further develops its ambitions: being useful. 

As the successor to La Poste Financial Services, La Banque Postale was established on 31 December 2005, via the legal transformation of Efiposte, an investment company established in 2000 to provide financial management for La Poste’s demand deposit balances, and which wanted to establish a banking subsidiary able to carry in its balance sheet all customer deposits and loans.
Since its establishment, and in accordance with its licence, La Banque Postale has expanded its range to all types of home loans. Previously, La Poste could only offer home loans to customers who had already built up savings, via a PEL or CEL account. Its business lines have gradually been extended to consumer loans (in 2007), property and casualty insurance (in 2009), the supply of financial products and services to corporations (in 2011), and more recently to financing services for local authorities (in 2012).
Since this date, La Banque Postale has offered the full range of retail banking products and services, and is continuing its development through new acquisitions and the implementation or strengthening of partnerships.

A unique Bank

La Banque Postale has a distinguishing feature arising from the public service missions of its sole shareholder in the banking, financial and insurance fields: the obligation to open a Livret A account free of charge for any person who requests it. As part of this mission, it authorises payment transactions to Livret A accounts relating to social security benefits and to civil servants’ pensions, as well as direct debits relating to the payment of taxes and duties, water, gas, and electricity bills, and subsidised housing rents. Finally, La Banque Postale is the only bank which authorises withdrawals from and deposits to Livret A accounts starting at €1.5.