En cours de chargement

En cours de chargement


The executive board

Philippe Heim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of La Banque Postale, Executive Vice-President of Le Groupe La Poste

Tony Blanco

General secretary

Anne-Laure Bourn

Chief Executive Officer of the La Poste Network, Deputy Head of financial services

Marc Batave

Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Banking

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the management body of La Banque Postale.

  • Serge Bayard, Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Banking
  • Catherine Charrier-Leflaive, Deputy Executive Director of retail banking
  • François Géronde, Financial director
  • Olivier Lévy-Barouch, Head of strategy and innovation
  • Christophe Van de Walle, Head of operations
  • Maud Vimeux, Deputy CEO of La Poste Network, Director of Human Resources at La Banque Postale and Financial Services and Network
  • Perrine Kaltwasser, Head of group risk

The Groupe Management Committee

The members of the Management Committee monitor large structuring projects and address the responsible development policy. Chaired by Philippe Heim, it is made up of members of the Executive Committee, plus:

  • Pierre de Buhren, Retail Banking Marketing Director
  • Delphine de Chaisemartin, Director of Public Affairs and Financial and Institutional Communication
  • Philippe Cuvelier, Director of Information Systems at La Banque Postale and La Poste Network
  • Jérôme Fischer, General Inspector
  • Régis Folbaum, Head of Payments
  • Jean-Claude Gauthier, Deputy CEO of the La Poste Network in charge of development
  • Cécile Riffard-Brédillot, Head of Communication and Brand
  • Alexandre Giros, Head of digital
  • Dominique Rouquayrol de Boisse, Compliance and Legal Director
  • Thomas Guittet, Deputy Group Risk Director
  • Alice Holzman, Managing Director of Ma French Bank
  • Christophe Juguet, Director of management control
  • Stéphane Magnan, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Betty Marcerou, Deputy Director of the Department of Enterprises and Territorial Development
  • Emmanuelle Mourey, Chairman of the Management Board of La Banque Postale Asset Management (LBPAM)
  • Franck Oniga, Chairman of the Management Board of La Banque Postale Financement
  • Jean-Marc Ribes, Chairman of the BPE Executive Board and Head of the Wealth management unit

Supervisory Board members

Members with executive positions within the Le Groupe La Poste:

  • Philippe Wahl, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of La Banque Postale, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Le Groupe La Poste;
  • La Poste S.A., represented by Philippe Bajou, General Secretary of the Le Groupe La Poste and Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of transformation;
  • Yves Brassart, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of La Banque Postale, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Le Groupe La Poste, responsible for finance and development;
  • Nathalie Collin, Deputy CEO of La Poste Group, in charge of digital and communication;
  • Sophie Renaudie, Head of Financial Control of La Poste Group ;
  • Olivier Sichel, Deputy Managing Director of Caisse des Dépôts.

Independent members:

  • Michel Madelain, Former Vice President of a Rating Agency ;
  • Emmanuel Rondeau, Consultant ;
  • Nefissa Sator, Head of internal audit for the Americas at SCOR Group.

Members representing employees:

  • Sandrine Fagot-Revurat, Banking controller in the Auvergne region sponsored by CFDT ;
  • Thierry Freslon, Chairman of AVEA, a non-profit association of the Le Groupe La Poste, sponsored by the CFDT union;
  • Jean-Pierre Hakizimana, Project manager in the studies and competitive intelligence department of the Retail Banking Department, sponsored by the CGT ;
  • Steeve Maigne, Quality RBR Manager, Greater Paris region, sponsored by the SNB/CFE-CGC union;
  • Thierry Viarouge, Head of interbank relations in the Payments Department, sponsored by FO.

    Member representing the State:
  • Marie-Anne Lavergne, Equity Officer in the Services and Finance Department of the State Participation Agency

    Member representing the Government:
  • Yves ULMANN, Government Commissioner.



Administration and control of the Company

The Executive Board defines the strategy and operational policy of the La Banque Postale Group. It ensures that activities are coherent and convergent and ensures compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions. It regularly reports to the Supervisory Board on the Banks’ results, development projects and strategy. The Supervisory Board exercises ongoing control over the management of the Bank through the Executive Board. It discusses the Bank’s major strategic objectives and ensures that they are implemented.

The Supervisory Board exercises ongoing control over the management of the Bank through the Executive Board. It discusses the Bank’s major strategic objectives and ensures that they are implemented.

Composition of administrative and oversight bodies

The Supervisory Board is chaired by Philippe Wahl, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of La Poste. It has 15 members. Six members have management positions within Le Groupe La Poste, three are independent and five others are elected by the employees, representing one third of the Board, in accordance with the provisions of the law on public sector democratisation. Lastly, a member representing the State was appointed by the decree of 2 October 2014. The term of office of the members of the Supervisory Board is five years. The State has also appointed a Government commissioner to La Banque Postale under the general interest remit entrusted to it. The Secretary of the Works council also attends Board Meetings.

The Supervisory Board has set up five special committees to help it in its work:
• the Risk Committee;
• the Accounts Committee;
• the Appoinments Committee;
• the Compensation Committee;
• the Strategy Committee.